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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guna-Guna - Revisited

Unearth Guna-Guna was re-created for the dance students of NAFA dance department, and was presented at The Third Space - Esplanade Theater Singapore in conjunction with the dan:s Festival 2012

Featuring music by Sebastian Schatz (Holland) and Junita Batubara, and rearranged by SAMWISEMUSIC - the piece was readapted for the theater space. Starting off from images taken from Jadi-Jadian and merging it with concept of guna-guna ... unearth guna-guna has taken a life of its own.

"We pick up piece by piece to recover with our hands such unexpected relics of our will to exercise a choice, but where others construe as revolt"
Guna in the Malay language means use. In Bahasa Indonesia guna-guna means real magic with spells and spirits or translated by Dutch as 'silent force'. The choreography demonstrates how forces of opposites depend on each other, rather than work against each other, to attain the union of all-powerfulness.

I have uploaded the rehearsal session of Unearth Guna-Guna taken at the Recital Hall in Esplanade Theater. Although it is more or less complete - i found that we needed to clean up the last parts of the choreography in terms of spacing and dynamics of the movement. The work features a 3 part excerpt of the original work-in-progress GUNA-GUNA that was performed in Rotterdam in 2005 for the CODARTS Dance Unlimited Project. UNEARTH GUNA-GUNA was presented by the NAFA dance department students at The Third Space: Contemporary Asian Explorations for the da:ns Festival 2012 at the Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore on 26 & 27 October 2012.

Unearth Guna-Guna Choreographed by Aida Redza
Music Composer: Sebastian Schatz (Holland) and Junita Batubara (Indonesia)
Music Rearranged by SAMWISEMUSIC
Performed by Phua Mui Ling, Kenneth Tan Ting Feng, Muhammad Nur Afiq Bin Noorazwa, Jeslyn Yang Nianqi, Geraldine Phang Kar Men, Matthew Goh Jia Hui, Winny Yap, Liu Peiying, Agnes Lim Si Qi

It was a pleasure working with the wonderful dancers of NAFA dance department.

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