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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011 with the River Art Project

Looking forward to welcoming the RIVER ART PRoject with Lisa Foo and Dr Tan Sooi Beng produced by Ombak-Ombak Arts Studio - with great team and supporters Alex Yong, Lim Chung Wei, Hil Ramli and Izzard. We are still in the early creative stage of process. The team will grow as we develop the project further.

REFLECTION @ Melaka Art and Performance Festival, Nov 2010
from Lisa Foo at

A collaborative process by Lisa Foo & Aida Redza, the initiation of our River Project in 2011.

Performed by Aida Redza and Hilyati Ramli.

Light installations constructed of recycled plastic bottles & plastic bags by Lisa Foo. Reflecting the amount of plastics thrown into the river that could be turned into a delightful play of lights.

"Imagine flower reflections dancing on the surface of water,

oh, what a delight it would be"

Reflections is a performance installation of dance and light, deeply rooted in the natural environment and relying on a 'basic state' of materials and trash, constructed around a range of sounds and sight that reflects the performance site - the river as a magical space of play and transformation. The installation will lead the spectator to the heart of generous visual, kinetic and auditory ambiances that are modest, sensorial, simple and contemplative.

More info on MAP at MAP10

Saturday, August 14, 2010

ON! Georgetown a Fringe Live - July 2010

Pictures from ON! Georgetown a Fringe Live on the move event by PEARL (Penang Arts Link) organized with ordinary and everyday people - July 2010.
ON! Georgetown was a street happening in a moving trail where performers lead the audience through selected parts of public and semi-public streets on the outskirts of city center to tap on the energy, behavior and playfulness of Georgetown street life! Design by the local Penang Artists in their share and own initiative to put a street spotlight ON! Georgetown in conjunction with the Georgetown Festival though it was not part of the GT Festival - ON! Georgetown was celebrated successfully by semua.

The starting point was from Lebuh Acheh - through Carnovan Street, moving along parts of Lebuh Kimberley and end at Lebuh Tek Soon.
Dancing, Playing, Storytelling - leaping into action - on the streets, with people for people. celebrating georgetown must involve everyone!

Thank you to all the photographers who have contributed below;
Allspire Photography, Phin Oswald, Yewchin, Doris Lee, Queen, Okui and many more!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

running and riding fast with the wind, chasing after DaD

not sure why, i am back ... but i am. Its been 9 months since my last post, 8 months after dad's passing in Nov 2009. As i have mentioned before, my art has a tendency of predicting the future. Call it whatever you want,... i feel it is a gift, and yet this gift - does hurt after. When i am conscious and not in the moment of my work and my state of being is not involved in the reality of dream dance,... i can never forsee this messages that reaches out to me within my art. But when i am deep and absorbed in something i feel so passionate about and taken away by the flow .. the angin, I do realise that the signs i am creating,... are actually paving out - the days of what may come to be ... and

though i wish and i wish so hard that - i could read those signs ahead of time,... so that i could also undo what my vision predicts ... i guess life is not that easy.

DaD - dream a dream, was a project in April 2009, which i went full force with young people of different needs and abilities , believing that i could heal ... i could get young people to integrate - to feel included ... to be touched and affected and to provide them the joy and pleasures of bonding and belonging.

But instead of listening, what my craft was telling me,.... which was (only now i realize) was to give more attention to the first man that i love - my dad - to bond and to whom i should be focusing on helping to heal. If only i had the healing hands and power,... that i wish to believe i have through my work and art.

.... could i have saved dad?

now,....i am back .. .and attempting to be back again on my blog, and so i will begin this year 2010 in AUGUST. flying running through , so that i can chase after the lost ....

and hopefully,... in this fast ride,... i can capture some prediction, of how I could bring that lost, back to life,..... by allowing my self to let go, but yet cherishing his memory ...

I miss you dad. I dedicate my work and passion in loving memory of you. (Al-Fatihah)

pictures by Phin Oswald

It has taken me this long ............... welcome back aida!!!