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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The outdoor Adventure

A part of my Urban Shaman On the Move mission--- adventuring with River. TRAP (The River Art Project) presented its first workshop presentation sharing of River Meets Light on March 12 at Sungai Pinang, and will premier July 29 & 30 in conjunction with the closing of Georgetown Festival 2011 at Prangin Canal.
Always pursuing the need to bring dance under different skies - or vice-versa bring skies back into dance, truly has been a drilling challenge - we have been having working hard dealing with the issues of our river and dead canal at Prangin - since July 2010 as we started preparing the proposal and work will go on right up till July 2011. And that will not be the end ,... as ours Rivers are still not getting any cleaner, and people still not getting any wiser. We will continue to raise awareness to express its deterioration..... as we try to keep it alive through art ... here are some of the memories captured by Reese Lee

followed by the performance in July

Also don't forget ON! Georgetown, a fringe presentation while GTF 2010 was happening.
Reese Lee, captured it on her blog at

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going down Memory Lane with: Destinies of Flowers at Theaterworks Singapore

Down Memory lane with Search : Hamlet, Theaterworks Singapore and Face to Face Produktion Denmark Please see the link to the video for Search Hamlet performed at Edison Theater, Denmark. What a memory of the body struggling to explore a character's vocabulary so that you are not representing yourself in your own regular movement style and form -- but you are seen as the character that you are playing .. it was a journey - Cause at that time, one is convinced that we have found a language, but observing it now, a lot of studying is still needed. It is not that easy.

Down memory lane with Lear - TheaterWorks Singapore and Japan Foundation