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Thursday, August 14, 2008

NEVER AGAIN!!! at sytycd,....don't know why I agreed to appear as Guest Judge.

Watch if you have time,... at me babbling....getting nervous by the second that my periodic latah will menjelma tiba-tiba and overwhelm me to bezerk. Which it did happen, and unfortunately - if  you know what latah is,... well, watch aida in the show. I tried very hard to suppress the latah, by enjoying the music and dancing a lil on the sit to relax myself and trying to keep cool. But instead,... the latah kept coming back in electrical jolts. And it did not help that Aishah kept asking me suddenly,... and what do you think Aida?!! ...... , secara terkejut.
Not my kind of space and environment, the crowd, the noise, the camera and lights .... was much too much .... that I could not focus at all on the comments I really wished to say to the competitors, and can you imagine, they wanted me to put on false eyelashes..... (which i am glad i did not), so di dum di dum, everyone has the right to their own opinion - and its always best to be honest. Why i did it?... well, not for the survival factor, nor the glamour or the lime light - actually my husband encouraged me to do so - thank you ras for having faith in me but sorrylah, (memang its not the money nor fame for contemporary performers/choreographers, and especially for guest judge - infact our expenditure to attend this event is more, than the small honorarium they provided) But yes, I wanted to experience the new environment, and to test and challenge myself as an artist, if I am capable, to sit and speak my opinions in a setting such as this popular live broadcasting dance competition. Definitely I was no Paula Abdul, but I did the best I could to entertain, as what the Director had directed me. Make it exciting for the audience and the competitors, and so I did. (although i was wondering - why do we need to entertain?) With my 'terlatah' periods that had to happen especially when the camera was on me,... so uncomfortable. Anyways, it was worth it,... we learn from our discovery and mistakes, if we never try, we will never know how for the next time. Life is a pleasurable learning. 

Well, nothing to do about it now,... so instead enjoy the performance by this talented Top 6 Malaysian dancers at So You Think You Can Dance Season II - Episode 13


Nurbaya Hassan said...

Hi Aida,

I saw you on tv. but at least you look great with that hat!!!

zubin said...

normallah that's entertainment. I tot you left that life long time ago. But you done two important tv programmes last year, 8TV and TV3. Oklah tu!


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