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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Awakening the Dream - Workshops outdoor

Ronggeng Merdeka Musical - rehearsal in Penang April 2007
From recent to past workshop process in search for an approach to new dance intervention.

Collisions at Locusts - June 2007, Rotterdam

Workshop - Basic Movement Analysis with Penang Choreographers and Dancers - April 2007

EOC - Urbanshaman On The Move 2004-2005, Workshop at Center of Performance Researh - Aberythswyth in Wales

To play like a child with bare feet, and to realize our daily surroundings, or to be one with the Universe,... to taste the delights of nature, to dance with the clouds and touch the wind that moves us,..... to bring together,  young and old, all over the world, to share the beauty of God's gifts, makes my art complete.


Bin Basra said...

oooo gambar i waktu kolaborasi kat Spice Garden tempohari tu pun ada yae!!!! ok gak... nice pic!

John said...

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