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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Project EOC 3 - April 29, 2007

I feel rather awkward to begin scribbling my work on the journey of UrbanShaman on the Move-Expedition OpenCage at year 3 in 2007 again, as i actually began developing it initially as a research project for my Post-Graduate Dance Unlimited studies at Codarts, Rotterdam in Aug 2004. The Project took a short break between March 2006 -March 2007, to enable me to welcome the arrival of little Marjaan(the pearl), into the world,...and concurrently to resolve a long, tiring and exhausting conflict I was facing with the father of my daughter Maya Ellora Syauquina - (means longing for the goddess of illusion). The trouble I was having in resolving the custody agreement of Maya was a catastrophe that placed my existence as an artist on a standstill, and my life as a mother in a state of emergency.

Now that I have passed that difficult period of my life,..with a 50% success. It is not the most ideal condition, but The UrbanShaman has decided to Move on, and not waste spirit and energy on past clashes and collisions, but rather focussing on the Move as an act of ritualizing, healing, educating and at the same time entertaining the soul.

So here I am, today, officially announcing 29 April, as the day the UrbanShaman journeys into the 3rd year of EOC research project again. And for those who does not know what is EOC all about. I will fill you in with information as we go along in my day to day postings.

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zubin said...

What happened to our Open Cage Project discussion? Love to see it coming again after you launch the Urban Sharman Open Cage