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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Moved By Padi Balik Pulau Stage 2 process - A teaser

Moved By Padi (Dec 2015)
Stage 2 Process at Balik Pulau
By Ombak-Ombak ARTStudio
Filmed by Goh Choon Ean  (LUMA) and  Edited by Okui Lala
a process together with Lisa Foo, Ng Chor Guan and Okui Lala and Pakcik Awang

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Monday, October 24, 2016

missing moments when i can manage time to move spontaneously amidst work and raising family

2012 i tried, amidst busy schedule and at that time I was disappointed at the outcome of my improvisation for the film and my choice to allow chance happening to happen on the spot as my approach to put together a choreography for this film.
But looking back at it --- it does not look so bad. Though it would have turn out better or maybe not,... if the dance was planned and rehearsed before the shooting.
Nevertheless it turned out powerful and worth the watch. Thank you to Goh Choon Ean , Kee Sitt, Luma and LiveWire for putting it together with Samwise.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 a year to compile documentations: flyers from pass works with Five Arts Centre, Dramalab and Shakti Dances

My first theater/movement choreography work in a production with Five Arts Centre : Scorpion Orchid (1995) by Lloyd Fernando, directed by Krishen Jit & Joe Hasham. Co-production with The Actors Studio.

The second was The Storyteller (1996) by Jit Murad, directed by Krishen Jit (Five Arts Centre) and Zahim Albakri (Dramalab)
I do not have the flyer copy of documentation of it unfortunately.

Following after the next year I worked with Janet Pillai and Charlene Rajendran (Five Arts Centre) on Rama & Sita: Generasi Baru (1996), directed by Janet Pillai & Charlene Rajendran. Co-production with Dramalab.

In 1998, one more work with Five Arts Center in Family (1998) by Leow Puay Tin, directed by Krishen Jit & Wong Hoy Cheong.

And a flyer from Playground (1999), dance performance devised by Marion D'Cruz & Aida Redza in collaboration with the performers. Co-produced with Shakti Dances.

Programme for Opera Uda dan Dara (2002) by Usman Awang, with music by Adrian Lee and Sunetra Fernando. Directed by Krishen Jit & Joe Hasham. Co-production with The Actors Studio. Aida Redza played Tok Guru.